Beneath the shawls, justice is served

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The Guatemalan justice system has said it was not a lie. Sexual violence within the Sepur Zarco military outpost was real. More than ten women had to wait 34 years for the State to acknowledge this fact. However, a much deeper story lies behind the sentence; a story of self affirmation, a process by which Guatemala was able to judge a crime that had not been considered as a violation of Human Rights after signing the Peace Accords.
Minutes after they heard the Judges at Court A for High-Risk Matters pronounce sentence against Lieutenant Reyes - the same man that forced them to work in Sepur Zarco during six months, the same man that allowed his troop to rape them - the women of Sepur Zarco showed their faces; beneath the shawls, they smiled and waved.
Imagine, then, that soldiers arrive, they enslave you, they rape you, and all at once, they take away everything you had believed in.

They are not the weakest women in Guatemala. On the contrary. They have had to go through a (pers...