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The witness who would have accused the US and Pérez Molina

I asked him whether, given the fact that he was a great believer in the death penalty, he should be tried and executed for his own role in the massacres. And he jumped to his feet and shouted “Yes! Try me! Put me against the wall! But if you’re going to try me you must also try some Americans including Ronald Reagan!” And that’s always been his style.
How can a legal system convict the overall commander for a program of genocide and mass killing but not investigate and leave open to indictment the figure who was implementing that program? Pérez Molina was closer to the blood than Ríos Montt. Ríos Montt was in the Palace. Even though he was giving the orders and even though he received very regular reports and was commanding these massacres from the top with a very firm hand, it’s Pérez Molina who is coming face to face with the victims...

Nairn has written in his blog that he was due to testify on April 15. However, following revelati...