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The so-called Fundación contra el Terrorismo [Foundation Against Terrorism] has added more gunpowder to the tense discussions generated by the trial against Ríos Montt. The organization headed by Ricardo Méndez Ruiz warns that the military are still present, that theirs is the true version of events, and that they’ll continue to defend it. The human rights defenders, often mentioned in the publications of the Fundación, denounce the organization’s use of military intimidation techniques and threats from the past. Who are the men behind this foundation? What is the “terrorism” against which they fight?
The arrival of Paz y Paz in the MP meant that there would be some changes in the processes related to transitional justice, which had been more or less stagnant. Paz y Paz came to the position with the support of civil society, her ascent to the office on the eighth floor of the Gerona building implied a new push for investigations involving the conflict. That is how, a few months after assuming her role as General Prosecutor, the MP began requesting arrest warrants for high-ranking military and National Police (PN) officers. And these arrest warrants began to be executed.
“The Fundación contra el Terrorismo is explicitly trying to polarize the country, attempting to distort the truth and generating the kinds of threats and discourse which imply threats directed at social leaders. Freedom of expression is one thing, it is one thing to dissent, and it’s another thing to threaten, criminalize, even try to destroy people,” affirms Sandino Asturias