Jimmy, the President-elect who doesn't go out on a limb and yet pulls it off without a hitch

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The President-elect can't (or won't) speak clearly about what, how, with what, and with whom he will run the Government. His responses to the press are evasive, ambiguous, and full of generalities. He offers medicines for hospitals, fighting chronic malnutrition, quality education at schools, support for producers, safety, and zero tolerance for corruption, but he does not elaborate on any one policy to achieve that. "Through God we shall do valiantly", he claims.
His work team, the most important officials of his administration—Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Directors—will be selected calmly, slowly, leisurely, from among the suggestions made by pro-corporate think tanks, such as the Foundation for the Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA) or the National Economic Research Center (CIEN), not from within members of his political party, because there is no choice there
The main threat, he adds, is that "despair catches up with them" and they end up "recruiting" people from the old politics they were so critical about, congressmen who are "blackmailing experts" to pass laws in exchange for projects and checks.

Ten hours before vote counting credited him as the next President of Guatemala, the candidate of ...