Guatemala, Power, the Sentence, Somalia

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“Guatemala is the Somalia of America, a failed State.” That’s how a former subdirector of El País described us in 2008. It was frustrating because it was a lie and because it eclipsed all the struggles of so many Guatemalans for so long to build a State with justice, with set-backs and improvements, with evidence that allowsus to hope.
The elite opposes the sentence because it fears it could be tried for its participation alongside the military governments. President Pérez Molina feels something similar due to the accusations of some human rights activists. They demand his conviction for having been part of the army in Nebaj in 1982.
Just like genocide (1978-1985) was not a chance occurrence but the culmination of a historic process of exclusion, racism, and repression against the indigenous Mayans by hand of the power and the State, nor is this sentence, which sent Efraín Ríos Montt to prison for committing genocide and crimes against humanity, a chance occurrence or a historical exception. It is the culmination of a historic process which began 33 years ago.

Genocide and crimes against humanity have been committed in many countries across the world. Poor...